Farm Factoring Management


Scottish Agriculture as a whole is presently in a transition phase due to the proposed reduction of Single Farm Payments.

The Government is actively encouraging diversification within the farming community.

We, at McCrae & McCrae Ltd, have ’hands on’ experience in dealing with all matters concerning the management of farms and land and the options available for diversification through grant schemes.

We have close working relationships with farmers and landowners and in conjunction with the relevant specialist bodies can plan and implement the best way forward for individual farmers and landowners.

For friendly, expert advice on any of the following, please contact our agricultural consultants.

Grant Schemes
There are various environmental grant schemes available from SEERAD to work in conjunction with a farming practice, eg the Rural Stewardship Scheme.

Single Farm Payment Entitlements (SFPE) And Milk Quotas
Assist with IACS forms; trade SFPE; lease land for a 10 month period for SFPE; cross compliance conditions; land management contracts; etc.
Sale of single farm payments and milk quotas.

Contract Farming Agreement
A farming joint venture between two parties, the “Farmer” (owner or tenant) and the “Contractor” (a local farmer or agricultural contractor).

Stubble-to-Stubble Agreement
A local farmer or agricultural contractor is employed by the landowner (or tenant) to work and harvest a combinable crop but the crop is still owned by the landowner.

Limited Duration Tenancy
This tenancy is to be the standard tenancy for the future and must be for a minimum of 15 years and gives the tenant freedom of cropping provisions.

Seasonal Grazing Lease
Provision for grazing livestock or mowing a fodder crop but the lease is for a maximum of 364 days.

Short Limited Duration Tenancy
An Agricultural Lease for a term of not more than 5 years and is not subject to the Tenant’s Right to Buy nor is a tenant entitled to diversify.

The UK Government is trying to encourage farmers to diversify all or part of their farming practice. We can work in conjunction with specialist consultants on projects such as wind turbines, short rotation coppice, hydro schemes, developing traditional steadings to holiday lets and trekking stables, etc. There are various grants available from Business Enterprise and government agencies.

We have processed many Scottish Rural Development Grants (SRDP) of 40% or even up to 50% (for under 40 years old).