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We have initiated and currently manage a number of successful diversification enterprises. Our diversification services are tailor made to comprehensively assess and nurture your property's diversification potential. If you are interested in such a service please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Renewable Energy Consultation

As global fossil fuel prices rise with growing energy demands and depleted supplies, alternative sources of energy are being sought to fill this supply-demand gap. There are a number of renewable solutions being pushed and encouraged by local and national government alike including wind, solar and biomass technologies to name but a few. The Scottish Government has set a target for renewable sources to generate the equivalent of 100% of the country's gross annual electricity consumption by 2020.

Renewable sources of energy are an essential ingredient in the Scottish and UK Climate Change Program and to meet these commitments there will need to be a sustained and substantial acceleration in the development of renewable energy. In this context, technologies such as onshore wind will be required to make a substantial contribution. There really has not been a better time to consider diversifying into renewable energies especially since the government introduced the new system of Feed-in Tariffs (FITS) in April 2010. The scheme requires energy suppliers to make regular payments to householders, farmers and business owners who generate their own electricity from renewable or low carbon sources such as solar electricity, biomass generators or wind turbines. It guarantees a minimum payment for all electricity generated by the system as well as a separate payment for the electricity exported back to the grid. These payments are in addition to the bill savings made by using the electricity generated on-site and are guaranteed in the region of 20 – 25 years.

McCrae & McCrae Ltd can offer a complete service ranging from initial site inspections identifying site specific solutions, through to planning and funding negotiations and eventual sourcing of a suitable system. For further information, or to arrange an accompanied site assessment, please get in contact with one of our renewable energy specialists.